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Also, a c-bet helps you in that say you miss the flop with your AK.Poker Stars $200.00 Pot Limit. combos y pareja + combo que representa una gran parte de su rango y que era susceptible de foldear en caso de subir su Cbet. loc.Delayed cbet holding equity in 3bet pot. A lot of close decisions here. I think it doesn’t matter much not only because it’s early in the tournament but.

If someone raises yoour c-bet, you fold. you have nothing. unless you think a re-raise would cause him to fold. but you need to be deep stacked to even think of that.With this blog and some BR-management i try to get a grip on the game.

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If some one has thoughts of slowplaying sets in a particular situations pls leave a comment.Especially when donkys go out of line you have to be very aware about the strength of your hand.So you c-bet almost any flop which re-enforces the notion that you have a big pair, or hit the flop good.

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Thanks to OpenGeek, Angelus, R2D2, Relhvy, poker_dog and Projecthpdv2 for reporting and the discussion. [THF] BUG FIXES: - Hand.

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You are basically saying. if you havnt hit this flop then its going to cost you to continue.I definitely always have used and heard used cbet for just betting any flop that you raised regardless of if you flop TPTK, set,. Poker & What is a c-bet?.Full text of "Main Street; the story of Carol Kennicott" See other formats.

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On Friday im planning to write an article about calling down the river to light, what is a very big leak of me.Posts about Cbet written by GM. ยินดีต้อนรับสู่เว็บของคนรัก Poker แด่คนรัก Poker.

In fact its often given by pros etc on youtube stuff I have seen as an inside tip.

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With betting the turn we achieve worse aces to fold and better aces to call, while checking induces to make a bluff on the river and reducing the RIO for ourselves.Because I think I gain more than 1BB from him with this information I get at showdown I will call this weakish bet.The latest Tweets from Poker Central (@PokerCentral). The Ultimate Poker Lifestyle Destination. Las Vegas, NV.By defination a c-bet is to bet a flop that missed you if you were the pre-flop raiser.

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Its done on most flops that you think your opponent hasnt hit.

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I dont think he is sayng dont bet the second senario. just that the bet is for value.

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However, since beginning to learn about poker (and I admit I am an absolute beginner) I have seen a lot of advice advocating the use of the c-bet regardless of hitting the flop or not.Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know.

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Performanta deosebita: Mihai Niste bifeaza a 4-a masa finala consecutiva intr-un Main Event in Cipru: loc 4 si $26725 in $2.200 Merit Poker Western.Search the history of over 310 billion web pages on the Internet.Except to weak players who called the flop with nothing, it causes them to give up the pot.

Dev Traker или Посты разработчиков это система по сбору сообщений разработчиков с.Against tight passive players, the advantages of c-bet is huge.A bet from a poker player on the flop who raised pre-flop is known as a continuation bet or simply a c-bet. Why and when should you make continuation bets?.I always frontbet, due the fact of my cbet % the are call me down lighter and even with marginal outs or already drawing death.Shortstacks who havnt hit the flop are also put in a position where they realise they probably cant steal pots.Razz is right, but to flesh it out a bit more for you, say you get AQ and open the pot from the button with a standard raise of 3 or 4 times the big blind.Белоруссия, Братск, Москва, Иваново, Киров, Куба, Марий Эл, Мурманск, Новороссийск, Омск.

I call the river down to light, but before we come to the actual problems I try to give you some more background information about calling a river bet.So this will be one of my focussing points for the next weeks.How are we playing sets when Hero is the IR (initial raiser).

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