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I have been playing craps for close to 30 years and have three generations of relatives employed in the casino business. ( This Patron readily disclosed that he has the qualifications, experience and background to observe, analyze, conclude and file a complaint to be taken seriously.

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Again, it is not an unfounded leap that the Table Games Director used the balancing caliper in the same erroneous manner as all his subordinate employees.How else could these three sleeves be approved for play in an unfair condition.I have an Accounting degree and over 25 years experience analyzing numbers and numerical relationships.Now, they need more time to regroup to figure out how to cover their tracks another way to make the dice look balanced. ).Get this from a library! Cutting edge craps: advanced strategies for serious players. [Frank Scoblete; Dominator.] -- Take casino craps to new levels of.

It is my sincere wish that this can be resolved quickly and amicably without further action and I request and evidence be preserved in this incident.

I did forget to mention in the report that when I asked about the serial numbers on the 4 sleeves that were tested, the boxman stated that they were all 4 different colors.That and having told him I would send him a copy of the test procedures that were followed to determine the balance and that I had it in written form, I sent him the following email.Over the next few months our website will go through changes as we update and improve the navigation, look and content.Even seasoned veterans have breakdowns in discipline and self control.I will follow up by filling out the Form you gave me, though it may take a while to do a thorough and complete explanation.I have been observing boxmen and floor supervisors conduct these tests for over two years and have only seen two or three that actually knew what he was looking for and how to find it.Harley and his group were not happy with the results from Jim.Craps for Advanced Players. Serious craps players who are looking for ways to take the advantage away from the casino and put themselves on top.

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Taking Down Bets from the Layout. Craps:. For example, the don’t pass bet has more of a player advantage once a point is established,.Why Casinos Dare Offer 100X Odds at Craps. Gaming Gurus. In casino craps, players can augment. The purpose is to attract players with lower house advantage,.

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How were the 3 out of 4 sleeves tested during this incident previously tested and approved for play.That even though a cube can be perfectly square, it can still be unbalanced, AND.

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As dice controllers and advantage craps players, our edges are dependent on our shots.I must have announced this 5 or 6 times as it continued to occur.I believe this is associated with the quality decline in the dice used today, especially in the unbalanced biased dice.Category: craps. Craps dice. An important rule of craps is that the dice must hit the back. he is extremely knowledgeable about casinos and advantage play in.

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Colorado has very similar dice specification regulations as Ohio.Relationship 1000 Broadway Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202, Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OHIO, Craps Blog A blog about. anyone can use the same advantage. Craps players use dice control and precision shooting. an intermediate or advanced player at.I encourage you to take a look at the procedures you have in place and to ensure that your casino is in compliance with state law and commission approved internal control plans.A method to their magic: Craps champions swear it’s more. Craps is among the more favorable table games for players, with just a slight house advantage.Craps Strategy - Learn How to Win at Craps with the Best Craps Strategy and Tips. A Complete Guide for the Best Way to Play Craps and Win |

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I explained all the details to them and also told them of my experience and background and why I know so much about dice.

He told me that it depended upon what the investigation determination and outcome results are.

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PEER contends that without written criteria, MGC cannot assure that table games are being conducted in an honest and competitive manner.Alcohol can be an ally to the casino, but that is dependent on your personal level of self control.Good craps players know that "runs" on the craps table are. skill and confidence that you can win at Casino Craps. Become an Advantage Player with the Winning.